We aim to have fun and to WORK OUT. I offer my students a safe space to explore coupled with patience, humor, and a genuine commitment to my student’s personal voice.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping singers gain trust and understanding of their voice for over 15 years.  My students range from young ones who sing in recitals and music festivals, to adults who sing in rock shows, church choirs, karaoke, open mics and community choirs. 

I have singers who have gone from a beginner with no experience, to singing opera and getting starring roles in under a year!  My students have created successful singing cover channels, have prepped roles for auditions in musicals to singing in character for animated television.

And finally, a large portion of my singers just want to be comfortable using their voice healthily and being happy singing karaoke with friends and loved ones.

We Will Help You:

‣ Connect to your body and breath

‣ Strengthen your voice

‣ Free your speech

‣ Find and open your resonance

‣ Find freedom with riffs and vocal agility

‣ Prepare songs for study or performance and

‣ Give you the confidence you’ve always wanted in your voice!


Despite me coming to music relatively late on, Felicia was able to teach me very constructively and with great encouragement. Within a few months she encouraged me to audition for a local opera company chorus and within a year I was in my first production! Her knowledge is broad, and she was able to help me improve my technical singing abilities as well as my diction. Lessons with Felicia are always a pleasure and a lot of fun. She is a very determined teacher who want you to reach your absolute best, but she encourages always with kindness and an appreciation for the enjoyment that singing should be. I would unreservedly recommend Felicia to singers of any level who want expert guidance and an enjoyable approach to music.

Andrew R.

I took voice lessons with Felicia for a year when she was in Ottawa. Felicia was patient and was always been concerned about my needs and goals. I enjoyed working with her – she is such a good natured teacher!


"As a teacher, Felicia is as sweet, encouraging, and attentive as she is talented. I'm happy to have a teacher who puts in the effort to really understand my strengths and weaknesses and help explore and expand on what I can do."

Ryan A.

I resumed study after a lapse of a few decades, I have been Felicia's student for almost a year now. She is very talented and knowledgeable, I know how well she instructs, inspires and motivates a student , clearly, she takes her profession seriously. The best part is that she does it kindly and patiently. Felicia never lets me get away with shortcuts or mistakes, but I'm grateful for that because I know I will learn each piece the RIGHT way and get more enjoyment out of my own singing!


Felicia is a wonderful teacher. She is always patient, enthusiastic and creative. Felicia is always in search of ways to make singing fun. For those who want a more thorough understanding of voice theory, she is a great resource, very capable of explaining difficult subject areas. I highly recommend Felicia to beginners and more advanced singers, as she emphasizes good technique and grounding, something very fundamental and crucial in all levels of singing ability. Great singing teacher and coach!!!!

Alan B.

All my life I was embarrassed to let anyone hear me sing because i was terrible at it--the only places I would sing was in the shower or the car. But Felicia has helped to change that. Over the course of four months, she has helped me uncover my hidden ability and love of singing. She taught me countless vocal exercises and songs. Her patience, encouraging attitude and fun personality kept me going and made the learning experience enjoyable. I now feel confident enough to sing in front of friends and family! I'm so grateful for the gift of singing Felicia has given me!

Carol T.

2023 RATES


For adults or teens:

Choose between 2, 3 or 4 hours a month, based on your vocal goals and budget:

➼ 2 Hours/Month: $110 

One hour every 2 weeks

➼ 3 Hours/Month: $165 

One hour 3x month
or 45 minutes every week

➼ 4 Hours/Month: $220 

One hour every week
+ $55 on months with 5 lesson days


Recommended for the experienced singer who wants the occasional guidance or check-up on his/her vocal technique.
*Payment must be sent 24 hours before lesson or lesson spot is forfeit*

➼ $ 65/lesson (60 minutes)

Lessons include:

‣ a Free consultation – no pressure, just a meet and greet to discuss your vocal goals.
‣ lots of singing
‣ short vocal health discussions
‣ creation of an individual voice lesson plan
‣ discussion of your goals
‣ tailored vocal warmups
‣ recorded lesson
‣ help with performances and picking repertoire

How Do Online Lessons Work?

Lessons happen Tuesdays to Saturdays.

You Need: A webcam, headphones or speakers and a microphone. Most computers and cell phones/tablets all have that built in!

Lessons are offered through Muzie.Live (a free Music Platform)

What to Expect with Online Singing Lessons

‣ Lots of Movement!

Be ready to move in comfy clothes in a space you feel comfortable in.

‣ Making Unique Sounds

Not all Sounds are “pretty” But all sounds are GOOD! Finding the voice comes from playing with our sound. We are experts in our own voices – we have been singing and using our voice since childhood after all!

‣ A Detail Oriented Approach

I am great at working with detail with my students – If you need a great ear, I am here (lol!) ‣ Contemporary and Classical Technique: I’ve taught Rock, Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical, Folk, Adult Contemporary, Belting etc. Each style is unique so just let me know what you are interested in learning 🙂 We will craft a lesson plan that will have you singing your preferred styles with ease, freedom and fun!

‣  Accessible Lessons:

As a neuro-divergent professional myself, I am flexible in my approach and understand that singing lessons do not look the same for everyone!

‣ Practice 

Singing requires practice! You get every lesson recorded and sent to you right after class to practice with that week. I’d suggest singing almost every day, with rest days, not more than 30 minutes (for beginners) or 90 minutes (more experienced folk) and you will see results in weeks.

I am here to guide you and make sure your voice is on the path to help it be free and make it FLY!

About Me!

I adore teaching voices! Before I had any thoughts of doing voiceover or acting, I taught singers. I'd love to join you in your journey and help you find your voice. I’ve trained in voice and worked as an opera singer and voice teacher since I was a youngling, and have been running my own voice studio since 2008. I’ve shouted my head off in video games, sung multiple opera roles, was the front-woman of an indie band, and have lent my voice to various video game soundtracks. I’ve trained with singing voice professionals in Canada, the States, and Europe (please see music resume for details) and I am always taking a class or two on voice, voice pedagogy, vocal health etc. I am an evidence based teacher (ie: motor skills and DOING the thing - not talking about it - are my jam). I'm a graduate of York University with a BFA in Music and am an avid gardener, board gamer, and cat momma.



I equip my students with tools to help gain freedom of vocal movement.  That means helping my students understand what is going on inside with a heavy focus on the act of singing.

We work on what YOU want to work on. We learn how to create the sounds you want to create.  Whether it is helping you gain confidence in yourself by learning how to let go vocally, help guide you with repertoire we choose, offer support in off times, offer guidance and quick vocal catchups weekly, or even challenge you – we are a team and I am here to help you (and have fun doing it!)

You will always have me as a support but I understand that at the end of the day – you are the one alone on the stage/in the boardroom/audition room – and you need to be the one who can helm that ship

I offer my students a safe space to explore coupled with patience, humour, and a genuine commitment to my student’s personal voice!  I am also a wicked listener and a bit of a bulldog on details, so my ear is at your disposal.

What does that mean practically? Lots of singing, making silly noises, listening, asking about process rather than product, goal setting, questions, curiosity etc.


Learning how to use my voice was a long – and sometimes painful – process! The ease of singing that I witnessed with my colleagues in school didn’t come naturally to me.  That question and frustration – how do I find a way to use my voice that is healthy and free – started a journey that has continued to this day. I’ve gone from singing in choirs to opera, to indie music, to teaching voice, to making crazy sounds as a voice actor in video games and animation.  Throughout it all I’ve spoken, yelled, screamed, cried, sang, belted, and growled my way through sessions – singing a classical score one day, being a combat soldier in a video game the next.  I credit my vocal longevity, power (and ability to survive hours long vocally stressful sessions) to my singing training and curiosity of the healthful habits of the human voice. 

I have been teaching voice since 2008! I am so grateful for the cumulative years of study and experience from every single teacher and coach. I’ve been lucky enough to study with opera greats, theatre artists, directors and creators, musical theatre pros and teachers, fantastic performers around the world (Canada and Europe) and absolutely amazing pianists and musicians.  A full list of my credentials can be found on my resume page.

Book A FREE Consultation!

Lets Chat!

Feel free to email any questions! Our first lesson is a part consult part getting to know you so it may run over time.


I am grateful to live and work on the traditional lands of the HaudenosauneeAnishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭMississauga, and Wendake-Nionwentsïo peoples, lands. If you would like to learn more about Indigenous culture and community in Canada, and about how to support Indigenous causes, please check out the following resources: Unreserved (podcast), The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund, and the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition.