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I adore teaching voices!  Before I had any thoughts of doing voiceover or acting, I taught.  I’m a helper and teaching voice has always been a part of my life.
I’d love to join you in your journey and help you find your true sound!

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Who needs lessons?

Actors – You need to prepare a song for that audition this Friday! You have a character who sings in their next episode (ahh!). You’ve sung in school, but dropped it when you moved into acting and want to pick it up again. You want to support your voice in a vocally stressful voiceover session (hello video games). No matter how wonderful you feel when you speak, when called upon to sing, you get anxious.
For non-actors – Consider how vocal training would benefit you in your next meeting, zoom call, elevator pitch, teaching a full class of children – through a mask.  Consider how a connection to the breath, speech and resonance will impact your vocal stamina and mental health!

Do you want to gain vocal power and the freedom to express yourself in your most authentic voice? We work with the breath and meet you where you are, while also gently challenging you to gain control over the vocal mechanism. We support your specific needs and goals and give you the tools you need to understand and take care of your voice and body. When we work together you will gain control over your voice. Singing is both a mental and physical skill. The vocal body and physical body work in tandem.

Lessons focus on a combination of vocal technique, breath education, and a general, healthful exploration of the voice and body. We touch on what is happening in the vocal mechanism (breath, larynx, and the throat/pharynx) and work towards creating a balanced resonance along the vocal tract.  I offer my students enough info to understand why we are doing specific exercises but not enough to confuse! 

You are always encouraged to explore sound in lessons. You can pick repertoire you’d like to work on – for an audition, performance, or fun – or you can just explore your voice each lesson and forgo songs (many students do!)

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Despite me coming to music relatively late on (in my 40s),
Felicia was able to teach me very constructively and with great encouragement. Within a few months she encouraged me to audition for a local opera company chorus and within a year I was in my first production! Her knowledge is broad, and she was able to help me improve my technical singing abilities as well as my diction. Lessons with Felicia are always a pleasure and a lot of fun. She is a very determined teacher who want you to reach your absolute best, but she encourages always with kindness and an appreciation for the enjoyment that singing should be. I would unreservedly recommend Felicia to singers of any level who want expert guidance and an enjoyable approach to music.

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Andrew R.

I took voice lessons with Felicia for a year when she was in Ottawa. Felicia was patient and was always been concerned about my needs and goals. I enjoyed working with her – she is such a good natured teacher!

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“As a teacher, Felicia is as sweet, encouraging, and attentive as she is talented. I’m happy to have a teacher who puts in the effort to really understand my strengths and weaknesses and help explore and expand on what I can do.”

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Ryan A.

I resumed study after a lapse of a few decades, I have been Felicia’s student for almost a year now. She is very talented and knowledgeable, I know how well she instructs, inspires and motivates a student , clearly, she takes her profession seriously. The best part is that she does it kindly and patiently. Felicia never lets me get away with shortcuts or mistakes, but I’m grateful for that because I know I will learn each piece the RIGHT way and get more enjoyment out of my own singing!

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Felicia is a wonderful teacher. She is always patient, enthusiastic and creative. Felicia is always in search of ways to make singing fun. For those who want a more thorough understanding of voice theory, she is a great resource, very capable of explaining difficult subject areas. I highly recommend Felicia to beginners and more advanced singers, as she emphasizes good technique and grounding, something very fundamental and crucial in all levels of singing ability. Great singing teacher and coach!!!!

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Alan B.

All my life I was embarrassed to let anyone hear me sing because i was terrible at it–the only places I would sing was in the shower or the car. But Felicia has helped to change that. Over the course of four months, she has helped me uncover my hidden ability and love of singing. She taught me countless vocal exercises and songs. Her patience, encouraging attitude and fun personality kept me going and made the learning experience enjoyable. I now feel confident enough to sing in front of friends and family! I’m so grateful for the gift of singing Felicia has given me!

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Carol T.

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Cellobration Concert Photo
Felicia Valenti singing at Basilica Notre-Dame


A bit about me

I am an actor, singer, and voice teacher. I’ve trained in voice and worked as an opera singer for over 15 years and continue to train actors how to use their voices safely and develop their authentic sound. I’ve shouted my head off in video games, sung multiple opera roles, was the front-woman of an indie band, and have lent my voice to video game soundtracks. I’ve trained with voice professionals in Canada, the States, and Europe (please see resume for details) and continually train with top professionals today to hone my skills in vocal technique and education. I’m a graduate of the York U music BFA and have run my own voice studio since 2008. 

My journey

Learning how to use my voice was a long – and sometimes painful – process! The ease of singing that I witnessed with my colleagues in school didn’t come naturally to me.  That question and frustration – how do I find a way to use my voice that is healthy and free – started a journey that has continued to this day. I’ve gone from singing in choirs to opera, to indie music, to teaching voice, to making crazy sounds as a voice actor in video games and animation.  Throughout it all I’ve spoken, yelled, screamed, cried, sang, belted, and growled my way through sessions – singing a classical score one day, being a combat soldier in a video game the next.  I credit my vocal longevity, power (and ability to survive hours long vocally stressful sessions) to my singing training and curiosity of the healthful habits of the human voice.

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I want to equip my students with the tools to unlock their voice. You will always have me as a support but I understand that at the end of the day – you are the one alone on the stage/in the boardroom/audition room – and you need to be the one who can helm that ship. 
To that end, our sessions are full of fun, encouragement, vocal and body exploration and a commitment to creating sound and communicating that is deeper than just “neck up.”

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Felicia with her voice students (pre-COVID-19)

My background

I have been teaching voice since 2008! I am so grateful for the cumulative years of study and experience from every single teacher and coach. The amazing Norma Burrowes and Catherine Robbins supported me and brought my voice to the real beginning of its journey at York U. They taught me the generosity of time and spirit and the desire to help others! Maria Pellegrini – your amazing voice and skills will always be remembered.  I have been directed by amazing musicians including Guillermo Silva-Marin, Jordan de Souza, Laurence Ewashko, Jacques Israelievitch, and Sabatino Vacca. Lisette Canton and Karen Burke helped foster my love of choral music in the classical and gospel traditions. The amazing talents of pianists like Luke Housner, Doreen Simmons, Rachel Andrist, Jean Desmarais, Judith Ginsburg, and Raisa Nakhmanovich were instrumental (haha) in helping me learn my notes and musicality. Masterclasses are also an essential part of learning, and through them, I’ve had the luck to sing for pros Joan Dornemann, Mary-Lou Fallis, Lynne McMurtry, Daniel Lichti, Jason Nedecky, and Bruce Ubukata.

I continued my training in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Germany, where I sang under the tutelage of dramatic soprano Nadine Secunde and sang under Prof. Dr. Manfred Siebald of Mainz University. 

I offer my students a safe space to explore coupled with patience, humour, and a genuine commitment to my student’s personal voice!

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